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WA Real Estate Fair Housing Class REQUIRED

It is available HERE on the website! and on Zoom

The 3 clockhour Fair Housing class is required for all licensees on their next renewal after June 1, 2024 and ALL future renewals in addition to the Core Curriculum.
I turned the class upside down… and tried to make the class interesting!  It is a serious topic, but some of my examples are outside the box!

It is currently available as correspondence self study class. The class is a PDF with the quiz at the end. You read the material, print out the quiz and evaluation which is at the end, and do with a pen.  When you are done, scan back your answers!  Pay tuition on the link to paypal… which also process your credit cards. The tuition is $47. It is included in the package price for 30 clockhours if you sign up for that.

If you have any accessibility issues, don’t hesitate to contact Natalie.  The class is in PDF format so it can be “read” by many free programs.  The answer sheet and evaluation do not have to be on the exact forms.  If you have health or financial issues contact Natalie to ask about concessions.

CLICK HERE for the PDF Class!

3 clockhour Fair Housing Required after June 1, 2024 



Do WE Have to Get

Brokerage Agreements Signed?

Not just a handshake… Get a pen in that prospects hand!

Yes!  the changes to the Law of Agency require that you get a Brokerage Services Agreement signed!  No assuming who represents who… Get a pen in that prospects hand… not just a handshake!

There have been changes made to the Law of Agency that go into effect January 1, 2024.  Many brokers have been working with Brokerage Agreements, but now it is the law.  An agreement must be signed by both parties “as soon as reasonably practicable.”

The new law requires written brokerage services agreements, improves consumer disclosures, and provides that certain legal duties of brokers apply to all parties in the transaction.

The DOL and legislature are working on an amendment to the Law of Agency already!  There are unscrupulous brokers … Really???  There are?… That may try to have buyers sign agreements that bind them to that broker for a longer than comfortable term on the buyer brokerage agreements for buyers AND sellers.  So watch for that bill to get signed.

The 5 clockhour Class When are you an Agent covers the issues regarding the new law.  It also includes the pamphlet that is required to provide to the consumers. This is more interst

Here is a a copy of the Pamphlet that you can download.

Agency Law Pamphlet effective Jan 24  click to download

Here is the new law as signed by the legislature.  You can see where the changes have been made and additions made.

Changes to the Law of Agency detailed Click to download

Get Certified to Teach

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Natalie rallies to have better Core Curriculum for 2024-2025!

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New Class! Legal Edge 15 clockhours includes Core Class

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Natalie’s DOL Meeting Update

    Update on the SAW Website The wait time to register for the exam is slow Testing sites have been closed when the candidate (broker) shows up. Some candidates couldn't schedule a retake in the 6 months required. Candidates register and pay but their registration is missing. It was assumed...

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TARGET Get your Managing Broker License

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FREE class for New Brokers!

There is no catch for this FREE offer! Sometimes we are skeptical when we hear the word "free" because there are often strings attached. The statistics show that 87% of brokers quit before they reach the 5 year mark. This real estate business is not as easy as it looks...

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Take Classes Barefoot Using Zoom online!

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NWMLS rules creates buyer firm commission disclosure

Most broker owners in Washington State belong to the Northwest MLS. They voted to amend the rules and forms in an effort to create more transparency in the real estate transaction in particularly for disclosing the amount of commission the seller is offering to pay the FIRM for...

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