Fair Housing Class required

but NOT Available…. Until June 1st.

But … wait a minute!  It is required for all licensees on their next renewal after June 1, 2022!  The DOL is definitely behind.  If you have a renewal in early June… or … you already renewed before your summer renewal…. then you have until June of 2023 to fulfill the requirement.
Natalie’s class will be up here on my site ASAP.  I will offer it as a correspondence class just like the other classes.  In addition, I will hold it as a zoom class.  I might add videos from YouTube to supplement the class material!
The schools just got the curriculum outline.  We are writing the class (not all schools will have it)  We can’t upload until the last week of May.  The DOL will approve the class and then it will be available… maybe June 1st.
No school has any advantage.  It is a specific 6 hour class and we can write it as long as it has the main points in the outline.  I was at all the DOL meetings possible! Yes, I gave lots of input.
The DOL received… are you ready… a Quarter Million Dollars from the WA legislature to implementing this class!  The whole process is not transparent, and they have missed their deadlines. The law was signed last year in June and the process to develop an outline didn’t start until the last few months.  OK.. the DOL was hacked, too!

BOTTOM LINE… When you renew your license next, you will need to have this 6 clockhour class called WA Fair Housing  AND the Core Curriculum included in the 30 hoursl   That is all you need to know!   Any questions… just email me.