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Real Estate Clock Hour Classes

You won’t believe these clockhours!!!

There is no password and no registration right now! All you do is click on the links below and VOILA… There you have the classes! They are PDF’s that you download to your computer.

You read the material on the screen or print out the entire class. Then after reading it print out the quiz, answer sheet and evaluation. When you are finished scan the paperwork to me at clockhours at (or you can put the paperwork in the mail.)

Here is the entire list of classes you can do as correspondence… send answers by email.

Class list Mail classes revised March 2023

You use payment link on the front page of the website. Paypal processes credit cards.  You do not need a paypal account. I get a conformation email that you paid.

If you take all 30 hours for your renewal including fair housing and core it is now only $179.. 

If you pay separately 3 hour classes are $30, 5 hour classes are $40 and 7.5 hour classes are $50 and 15 clockhour class is $90.

You are REQUIRED to take the 3 hour Core Curriculum AND the 3 hour Fair Housing as part of the 30 hours.

If this is your FIRST renewal.. if you are a new agent facing your first renewal…  You need 90 clockhours to renew. My package for all 90 is $399.

Here are some quick links to download some classes.


If you screwed up and are running late.. you have a year to be late.. just do NOT sell real estate.  Get the clockhours and renew with a late fee and you are fine!  You will not have a meltdown if you are late a few days… just do the hours and renew!

If you have accessibility issues, contact Natalie and the school.  The classes are PDF and can be “read” by many free programs.  If there is trouble downloading there might be a pop up blocker,  Natalie can email the classes.  If you can’t print out the quiz, make your own answer sheet and evaluation.