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Core Curriculum Class 2020-2021

No Groaning… I know… you are required to take this 3 clockhour class every two years to renew your real estate license! The curriculum is provided by the Dept of Licensing and we write our own classes. I know it can seem a bit painful this time.. but it really is interesting to find out about the laws!

Click to download the core!

Core 2020-2021 revised March 21

OR…….. You can take the 7.5 hour Legal Edge class …. It has the core embedded in it!

The Legal Edge Click here to download

This is a correspondence class. You will download the class in a pdf format onto your computer. You can read it on the screen or you can print it out and read it. You must print out the quiz and evaluation at the end. Complete the quiz along with the evaluation.Scan the answer sheet and evaluation and pay using credit card with PayPal. See front of website.

The Core Curriculum is NOT the Ethics class

As a member of the Association of REALTORS you are supposed to take an Ethics class. It is offered by them for free and does NOT have to be clockhours and has nothing to do with your license… Sometimes you will see it for clockhours but it doesn’t have to be.

OK… Lets say today… TODAY… or tomorrow is your birthday!

Yes, we do specialize in desperation! Email your answers to us right now. We will get your certs as soon as we can! No stress! If you have questions or you are groaning… just email clockhours at gmail dotcom