Natalie rallies for better Core Curriculum!

The Core Curriculum has been updated for 2024-2025! The Core morphs into an new version every two years. It is updated usually by a committee. Natalie is teaching it several times a year on Zoom!

It still has so much material repeated from the last class. Of course the changes to the Law of Agency are a large part of the new core.  So many brokers just don’t know that the law says you must get a brokerage services agreement signed by a prospect as soon as reasonably practicable… but definitely PRIOR TO PERFORMING BROKERAGE SERVICES… like showing properties! 

You now have a choice on Natalie’s website here to take the Residential or the 15 hour Legal Edge which includes the Core Curiculum

You need to take the Core Curriculum every two years prior to renewing your license. You take whatever core class is available as the old version just morphs into the new version. You have two years to take the Core class.

Here is the newest versions of the Core Curriculum. It is 3 clockhours or you can take the 15 hour class that includes the core.

3 hour NEW Residential Core 2024-2025 Click to download

15 hour NEW Legal Edge includes NEW Core 2024-2025