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Required 6 clockhour WA Fair Housing Class

ALL Real Estate Brokers are REQUIRED TO TAKE the 6 clockhour class……

WA Real Estate Fair Housing


Last year the legislature passed a law that requires ALL real estate brokers to take this class at their next license renewal.  Included in your elective 30 hours, you are now required to take 3 hour Core Curriculum AND 6 hour Fair Housing.  There is no rush to take the class unless you renew soon.

The class is available as a correspondence class HERE on the website.  Natalie is the author of the class following the topic areas and outline provided by the Dept of Licensing after zoom meetings and discussions with people about the content.

Natalie will also be teaching the course on Zoom.  Because it is 6 hours, it will have to be cut in two sections.  Watch for my schedule…  Make sure you are on my mailing list!  I am currently developing other versions that will include videos!

Why Take Natalie’s Fair Housing Class?

This class is the BEST class written on the topic! You will NOT catch up on any sleep while taking it because it will be quite different than any other class.  I approached it with an interesting direction and perspective.  I tried to use stories that are humorous, list so many examples of ways brokers might discriminate, outline some difficult situations that brokers face, AND give you information on current changes to the Federal Fair Housing Act last year and the WA Law on Discrimination.

THIS IS IT!  The class is available!  just click here to access the PDF!

Print out the Quiz and evaluation…. Then read the class… Like an open book test!

You can click on the class on any computer!  The Tuition is $47 or it is included in the $179 for 30 hours.

6 clockhours WA Fair Housing Class Click here to download pdf

Click here to Pay tuition for 6 hour WA Fair Housing Class