Just a bit of


can Enhance your Marketing! 

3 clockhour class by Natalie

Our flyers for listings look the same as they did 35 years ago.  Even our business cards could be from the turn of the century with the exception we now have an email and website.  Your listing photos are just pictures of the property.

Look at your business and your listings in a new light.  We are all creative but there are times we have a tendency to do what everyone else does.

People choose you to work with because of who you are!  So let them know!  Often real estate brokers get caught up in being “professional” and don’t market the best part of themselves.  You will connect with more people if you can find common interests, for example.

When you buy a pizza, you don’t have a huge trust issue when you hand over that $20 bill.  But, when a client purchases a home, they are making decisions about the largest transaction of their entire life.  They need to trust their real estate broker.  Trust happens with connections.  It is an old cliché, but the prospects have to know and like you before they can trust you.

Your listings… Well, they can be boring!  Why not take 20 minutes and make a video that tells a story using your cell phone!  Easier than you think!

Your bio or profile.  Does it only say how long you have been in the business and where you work.  Will your clients smile when they read it?

This class on Creativity is a great space to share ideas on how you can insert more or yourself in your marketing to create better connections with prospects.

Natalie will be teaching this class twice this summer.  In addition, she will be offering it like a webinar using Zoom.  If you are interested, don’t hesitate to email her!