The Legal Edge 15 clockhours

This class is the most updated legal continuing education class available!  No class compares to the information you will learn by reading and answering the questions to complete the class.

Now, you have laws that are impacting how you represent your clients as a buyers agent.  Lawsuits are opening your eyes to the types of claims that can be made about brokers!  National and state anti discrimination laws widened categories that protect more people.  States across the country are wrestling with potential contracts that could financially destroy your clients.

Don’t be a dinosaur…. or a dragon.  (It is a cute photo!)  Be up to date on the hottest issues which includes the Core Curriculum requirement for current issues!  Topic areas include property management, fraud, legislative, lawsuits, discrimination, disclosure, and broker responsibilities.

Click on the class below and check it out.  There is no password, registration, or wall to check it out.  To get clockhours, print out the quiz which is at the end and read the class like an open boo test.  You can access the pdf from any computer or even your mobile phone!  Email back the quiz and pay… and we will email you a certificate.

The Legal Edge class includes the Core Curriculum which is embedded inside it.


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15 hour NEW Legal Edge includes NEW Core 2024-2025

The tuition for the 15 hour Legal Edge is $90.