There is no catch for this FREE offer! Sometimes we are skeptical when we hear the word “free” because there are often strings attached.

The statistics show that 87% of brokers quit before they reach the 5 year mark. This real estate business is not as easy as it looks from the outside! I decided to write a 3 clockhour class to give new brokers some ideas to implement to help build your business. We are always looking for the solution to the big mystery. “Where are the prospects?” The answer is on page 13. See the class under First Renewal for New Brokers.

The First 24 months May 2022 Click to download


The FIRST 24 MONTHS is a FREE 3 clockhour class available to brokers that have not reached their first renewal. This class covers topics including:

  • Yikes!  How will I make money?
  • Put your credit card back in your wallet
  • Water is your enemy
  • Do you look good in an Orange Jumpsuit
  • It is hot and dry in the desert
  • Believe in yourself and stay strong

This class is a correspondence class. There is no clicking through it with some clock timing you! You read the material. Print out the quiz. Complete with a pen. Scan back. You can even use a scanning app on your cell phone to email it back to us!