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Managing Brokers License Courses

You can now take the Managing Brokers series of classes from Professional Direction here at Clockhours! The requirements to become a Managing Broker are:

  • Must be 18 years of age of older
  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • A minimum of 3 years of licensed experience as a full time real estate broker i Washington  (or another jurisdiction having comparable requirements) within the past 5 years.  Or, show practical experience in a business related to real estate as prescribed by RCW 18.85.
  • Complete 90 hours in continuing education that must include the required classes of

Advanced Real Estate Law 30 clockhours

Business Management 30 clockhours

Brokerage Management 30 clockhours

  • Pass the Washington State Managing Broker’s license Exam.

I wrote each of the classes over the past few months.  The curriculum is created by the Dept of Licensing.  The information that is on the test is in the Candidate Handbook and I tried to make sure that the classes cover everything that was listed.  They are the most current classes on the Market!!!!

The Managing Brokers Exam is not multiple choice.  It is a simulation exam.  Each question has several parts.  It is written like a long “story” problem.  If you diligently read the material and take all the quizzes and Final Exam, you should be prepared for the Managing Brokers Exam.  Natalie has a CD that you can borrow with sample exam questions that can be checked out.

The three 30 hour classes here are PDF documents each having two parts.  There is the course material/ book.  You can read it on the screen or download it.  The second part is a Workbook and Final Exam.  You must print it out and complete with a pen each exercise and the mandatory evaluation.  They are correspondence style courses .. not online and timed!

If you have any questions or want to make an appointment or chat with Natalie just email … and she will get back to you.  clockhours at gmail dot com

Tuition:  The Special Package deal for all three classes is  $350. (If you want to take one class, you need to contact Natalie by email.) Pay on the front of the website … PayPal processes my credit cards.

ADVANCED Real Estate Law (click each to download)

Advanced RE Law Class March 7 2016

Workbook and Final for Advanced RE Law March 2017 

Business Management (click each to download)

Business Mgmt Class February 17

Business Mgmt workbook and Final Exam 16

Brokerage Management (click each to download)

Brokerage Management class Feb 24 17

Brokerage Mgmt Workbook and Final Exam Feb 24 17

The Candidate Handbook (click to download)

This is the brand new handbook from the Dept of Licensing and testing center. It is a bit confusing.  It includes the broker and managing broker exam information.  Read only the managing broker information.  You will apply to the Dept of Licensing to take the exam after completing the classes.

Managing Broker candidate handbook Jan 2017

Sample Managing Brokers License Exam

This is the Link to the sample test from the AMP testing company,  You can take it prior or during the time you are taking the classes so you can become familiar with the type of questions for the exam.  It costs $25 to take a sample exam.  If you have questions, contact Natalie.