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There is no catch for this FREE offer! Sometimes we are skeptical when we hear the word “free” because there are often strings attached.

The statistics show that 87% of brokers quit before they reach the 5 year mark. This real estate business is not as easy as it looks from the outside! I decided to write a 3 clockhour class to give new brokers some ideas to implement to help build your business. We are always looking for the solution to the big mystery. “Where are the prospect?” The answer is on page 13. See the class under First Renewal for New Brokers.

The FIRST 24 MONTHS is a FREE 3 clockhour class available to brokers that have not reached their first renewal. This class covers topics including:

  • “Buying” business
  • Important Legal Issues
  • Water is your enemy
  • Avoiding the Orange Jumpsuit
  • How to Survive in the Desert

This class is a correspondence class. There is no clicking through it with some tick tock timing. You read the material. Print out the quiz. Complete with a pen. Scan back. You can even use a scanning app on your cell phone to email it back to us!

Just a bit of


can Enhance your Marketing! 

3 clockhour class by Natalie

Our flyers for listings look the same as they did 35 years ago.  Even our business cards could be from the turn of the century with the exception we now have an email and website.  Your listing photos are just pictures of the property.

Look at your business and your listings in a new light.  We are all creative but there are times we have a tendency to do what everyone else does.

People choose you to work with because of who you are!  So let them know!  Often real estate brokers get caught up in being “professional” and don’t market the best part of themselves.  You will connect with more people if you can find common interests, for example.

When you buy a pizza, you don’t have a huge trust issue when you hand over that $20 bill.  But, when a client purchases a home, they are making decisions about the largest transaction of their entire life.  They need to trust their real estate broker.  Trust happens with connections.  It is an old cliché, but the prospects have to know and like you before they can trust you.

Your listings… Well, they can be boring!  Why not take 20 minutes and make a video that tells a story using your cell phone!  Easier than you think!

Your bio or profile.  Does it only say how long you have been in the business and where you work.  Will your clients smile when they read it?

This class on Creativity is a great space to share ideas on how you can insert more or yourself in your marketing to create better connections with prospects.

Natalie will be teaching this class twice this summer.  In addition, she will be offering it like a webinar using Zoom.  If you are interested, don’t hesitate to email her!


Get Certified to Teach Clockhours

Monday, September 16th at 1pm ONLINE MEETING!   This is your opportunity to learn about getting certified! Take time to meet with Natalie online and learn how to get certified and about opportunities to teach.  Email her at clockhours gmail. Who can get certified?  If you want to teach real estate brokers about...

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Look UP! Seattle Architectural Walking Tour is clockhours!

MONDAY, JULY 15 AT 11AM  $40 How often do you really "Look UP" in Seattle?  We are always trying to make sure we are going the right way on a one way street, looking for parking, and avoiding pedestrians!  Here is your chance to take a walking tour of the...

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Learn how to EDIT and Effectively use Video!

CREATIVE LISTING VIDEO CLASS …. free! Wednesday, July 17   from 11am til 2pm Gig Harbor Model Home You have one of the most powerful cameras ever invented in your pocket.  Use it to add to your marketing strategy!  Don't delay.  Yes, it seems like everyone is getting on the bandwagon,...

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Why Become a Managing Broker?

There are two real estate licenses in Washington State.  The real estate Broker license is what a person receives after taking the pre-license classes and the Broker exam.  Most real estate agents work under a Broker's license for their career... whether it be for a year or for decades. The...

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Red Hot Issues in Real Estate

RED HOT ISSUES Here is Natalie's brief on what is happening.  I did research into all the bills, documents, and links. Breeze through these topics to get up to date on the issues!  You can also take a 3 hour class with this name.... just click and Voila... there it...

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The Future is here!

The Future: Predicting, Possibility and Preparing for Changes in the New Year! When I was a kid, one of my favorite cartoons on TV was the Jetsons.  I used to dream about the future and how our homes would have machines and robots.  We'd drive around in aero cars and...

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Ten Ideas to Boost your Business

Sometimes we just sit at our desk or in a coffee shop and hope that the phone will ring or an email will arrive from a prospective client that wants to list a property with you!  But, it just doesn't happen that often... even in a rising market.  We...

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What is Twitter and Why

Its a funny word... "Twitter"... and it seems a little strange to send a "tweet" but is it one of the most powerful social media sites on the internet.  It has changed the world and communication as we knew it. Imagine yourself standing near the water in NYC next to...

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Three ways to make Lists on Facebook and WHY!

What is one way to make Facebook more effective for you as an agent?  Make LISTS! There are pictures of cats, lots of click bait, and crazy comments on the world.... BUT!  Facebook is connecting millions of people every day.  Your friends on Facebook include past clients, current connections and...

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Embrace Social Media in 5 Steps

There are so many excuses for not being active on social media websites.  But, there is ONE reason that every real estate agent needs to embrace social media. That one reason is to build business!  One third of an agents time must be spent marketing.  The most powerful tool...

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