Get Certified to Teach Clockhours 

Instructor Development Workshop

This is your opportunity to learn about getting certified! Information meeting and classes.

Take the Instructor Training! Email Natalie at clockhours at gmail.

The Instructor Training Class.  This is not like any other class.  You will learn how to get certified.  How to use your certification.  How to write your own class if you want.  How to read the audience the minute you walk into the room.  How to be more creative when teaching.  AND  most importantly… How to avoid being boring!  Natalie’s classes are inspirational, powerful, fun, a bit crazy, and full of powerful information that you will use!

Who can get certified?  If you want to teach real estate brokers about something real estate related that will improve their business!  This can include brokers, lenders, title, home inspectors, stagers, and people in marketing and sales.

What are the requirements?  You need to have 3+ years experience in a real estate related field. Then you must take the Instructor Development Workshop a 2 day class that is 15 total hours.  Natalie teaches it almost monthly now on Zoom.  It includes homework.  Tuition is $250.

What will I teach?  You must teach under an approved school.   If you teach under my school, there are about 80 classes already approved you can teach. Or, I can help you write your OWN signature class.

Who will come to classes?  You can teach one on one or a large audience.  Ever real estate agent needs a minimum of 30 clockhours every two years.  There is a need!  There are only a few people teaching.  You can fit it in your schedule… just like you fit the dental cleanings on your calendar.. only this is more fun! 

Will I make money?  There is not very much money in education in our country!  But, there are opportunities depending on your business plan.  You can also sell your services as a coach, lender, or title rep.  You will also gain some recognition and credibility for teaching that will help build your business!   If you are a real estate broker, you can tell your prospects that you are qualified to teach the competition!  The return can make a difference in your career!!!

What is next?  You can take a class you teach and make it a book!  You can teach a class using Zoom like a webinar.  You can become a coach.

What will you need for class?   Have a printed out resume on your desk and ready to email me.

Tuition is $275  and also The Dept of Licensing application fee is $114 that is paid when you apply for certification with the state online.

Tues, April 23 AND Wed, April 24 from 9am til 2pm 

Plus there will be a one on one zoom and homework.

This is a TWO half day ZOOM class plus HOMEWORK and a separate zoom to for individual consulting and finish the application to the state.  Tuition is $275 plus a separate fee to the DOL application. 

If you are renewing your certification to teach or you have never taught under my school, contact me. 

To REGISTER… email me. 

Pay tuition on the right side of the website.. LIVE class with Instructor.   There is a drop down menu and the last option is the instructor class. 

Contact Natalie to email your resume prior to class!