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Natalie Teaching Live


These are the classes I have available so far in 2024.

I do teach classes in offices with a minimum attendance requirement or a flat fee.  If you are interested in scheduling a class, email me!

Choices for a Different Level of Success!  Wed, Feb 28 from 9am til noon on ZOOM!  Go after the business YOU WANT!  No matter what anyone predicts for the market in the coming year, you can choose the listings and the motivated buyers to build your business like you really want!  Learn some fabulous ideas…  Picture your future real estate business!

Instructor Development Workshop.    Tuesday, March 5 and Wednesday, March 6th from 9am til 2pm on ZOOM plus homework on Zoom.  Get certified to teach real estate clockhours!  Email us at clockhours@gmail and we will send the link to register. $275 tuition 15 clockhours.

Managing Broker Workshop Every Wednesday Morning from 8-9am on zoom. This workshop will help you prepare for the MB exam.  It is in addition to the required classes and can be done simultaneously.  It is like a long cram class.  Natalie’s study Guides for state and national exams help also!  $340 or if you took Natalie’s classes it is discounted to $240.  You come until you pass.