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Natalie Teaching Live



Thies classes are on my calendar.  If you are interested, email me at clockhours gmail address to confirm registration.  Thanks!  Natalie

WA Fair Housing REQUIRED class  Wednesday December 16th from 9am til 1pm on ZOOM

Don’t start thinking that this will be painful!  I promise you will learn so much!  Natalie’s class is very different from the rest.  You will hear stories, maybe hear music, and doodle!  There will be required homework in order to get the clockhours.  You also must be on audio and video.

WA Fair Housing REQUIRED LIVE class Wednesday, December 30 … tentatively Gig Harbor.

Choose Your Business!  Thursday, December 1st from 9am til noon on ZOOM!

Go after the business YOU WANT!  The market will be a bit tighter in the coming year, but you can choose the listings and the motivated buyers to build your business like you really want!  Learn some fabulous ideas…

Instructor Development Workshop.    Thursday, Dec 8 and Friday Dec 9th on ZOOM plus homework.  Get certified to teach real estate clockhours!

Agent Survival... heading toward Success Tuesday, Dec, 13th from 9am til noon on ZOOM!  All the buzz is about inflation, interest rates rising, home prices falling… but people still have to buy and sell.  Your homesellers probably have more equity than they ever dreamed of.  Buyers can buy down interest rates.  How can you get connected?