You set a TARGET

to get your

Managing Broker’s License

…. Let’s get started!  

Natalie is the only school in the state to write the texts for the Managing Broker’s classes!

Required Classes for MB Exam.  The required 90 clockhours are self study/correspondence style on my website.  The classes include Business Management, Brokerage Management and Advanced Real Estate Law. See information on the Managing Brokers required classes on the right of this website…

MB Review and Exam Prep Workshop  I will hold another 8 week  MB Review and Exam Prep Workshop starting in May.  Over an 8 week period, you will simultaneously read the classes, do the quizzes for my classes.  If you … oh my… took classes from another school… you will definitely need this workshop!!! 

We will review material that will be covered on the exam and there will be exam prep… like videos, homework and sample questions.  The goal is to focus on being ready for the exam.  Why Wait?

Facebook Group  You can join the Facebook group, WA Managing Broker’s Exam Forum.  There are numerous files and you can keep up to date on what others are experiencing signing up and taking the WA exam.

Private Sessions  I hold private zoom sessions for 3 hours to help brokers prepare for the exam… or, more importantly, help them prepare to retake the exam. Email me for info.

Managing Brokers Review and Exam Prep

May and June on Wednesday mornings from 8-9am on zoom.  There is room for a few more sign ups!

The tuition is $240 and will include a workbook.

Click here to register for MB Review workshop

Thanks!  Let’s shoot for that TARGET!