LOOK UP! Dress warm. Seattle Architectural Walking Tour

How often do you really “Look UP” in Seattle?  We are always trying to make sure we are going the right way on a one way street, looking for parking, and avoiding pedestrians!  Here is your chance to take a walking tour of the city and learn about the history and design of some of the most notable buildings in Seattle.

Natalie is working on scheduling tours as soon as we have passed the “Stay at Home” order… …  Then YOU MUST come on the tour!

Catch a birds eye view of the city from the highest Starbucks in the U.S while you sip hot chocolate!  Visit the Mayors office, explore the red floor in the library and get a great photo of the Walrus on the Arctic Building also! From Art Deco to Modern design, you will get a sense of history and how it affected the skyline of our city.

Natalie is an award winning tour guide and has led this tour for over 10 years to people from all over the world!

More people cancel on the day of the tour that show up.. which has been difficult.  So please… don’t leave me there alone hoping you will show!

You can schedule a special one for friends or your office or clients!

$40 for ALL participants  (brokers get 3 clockhours)

Register and pay under “clockhours specials”  or click here.


Questions… email clockhours at gmail.com