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30 Clockhour Packages

Just click here for 30 Clockhour classes for your Renewal!

There are times you just want to click on a class to take the 30 clockhours for your renewal!  So, I am creating some clockhour packages.  Here is the first option!

Are You Up-to-Date in Washington State

This class, “Are you Up-to-Date in Washington State” is a 30 hour class that includes the current Core Curriculum.  It covers the following topic

1.  Be aware of current legislative and legal issues

2.  Know the continuing education requirements in Washington State

3.  Know the importance of property information disclosure

4.  Be aware of the commonly used MLS forms

5.  Know the protected classes and conduct required under Fair Housing

6.  Make sure advertising is within DOL guidelines

7.  Stay afloat in this changing challenging market.

Just click on the link below!  Read the material. Print out the quiz at the end.  Complete with a pen.  Scan back.  Pay tuition for 30 clockhours on the front of the website!  Thanks!  Natalie

Are You Up-to-Date in Washington State  Just click here to download