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5 Clock Hour Classes

When Are You an Agent?

5 clockhours $40 tuition

Do you know when you are an agent and what those agency responsibilities consist of? We carry around that pamphlet on the Law of Agency but it is time for a reminder as to what it actually says. It has been ten years since that landmark legislation passed in Washington state. It defined agency and attempts to clarify the relationships. This class is an awesome primer on the law. But, remember, this class is not meant to make interpretations of the law. Any specific questions direct toward your broker or corporate attorney. Send us your answer sheet and evaluation for 5 clockhours. Call if you are desperate!

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The Dangerous Dozen Errors on Purchase and Sale Agreements

5 clockhours $40 tuition

There is a hole in just about every agreement. WE all make mistakes. But, sometimes we don’t even know what to look for. This course looks at 12 of the most common errors with Purchase and Sale agreements. It is on of the most popular Professional Directon classes. Remember, that if you have a legal question direct it toward your broker or corporate attorney! Send you answer sheet and evaluation. Call us if you are desperate.

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What is a Home Worth

5 clockhours $40 tuition

This is the seller’s most valuable investment. It is important to understand some of the concepts and principles of value and appraisal. Learn the dangers of overpricing so that you don’t let your listings get on the clearance rack. Look at the legal and ethical considerations. Look at key factors in evaluating property. But the best page is the one on the “dangers of overpricing.” It will help give you ideas of what to say to the sellers. Send us your answer sheet and evaluation and we’ll mail you a certificate. If you are desperate email us.

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Earnest Money and Escrow

5 clockhours $40 tuition

Consumer funds are to be safeguarded during a transaction. This 5 clockhours course will cover the handling of earnest money, the escrow process, the breakdown on the settlement statement and challenges that can delay closing residential transactions. If you have specific questions regarding HUD settlement statements contact an escrow closer. Legal questions direct to your broker or corporate attorney. For the last questions, use ANY settlement statement. Find the answers. Don’t send it with your answer sheet to the school. Send us your answers and evaluation and we’ll send your certificate. If you are desperate, email us right away.

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Signing Listing Agreements

5 clockhours $40 tuition

This is everything you wanted to know about residential listings. We technically aren’t in sales because we don’t have inventory. We match prospective purchasers to sellers and our responsibilities go much further into the sales transaction. We negotiate contracts for the largest single investment most people make in their lives. Send us your answer sheet and evaluation. If you are desperate email us right away.

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Consumer Rights

5 clockhours $40 tuition

So here is an opportunity to see what the rights are that the consumer has. From Agency to Escrow to Fair housing. Sometimes we are concerned about all kinds of details in the transaction and we forget to focus on the rights of the consumer. This does not cover everything but it touches on some of the most important ones. If you have legal questions direct them to your broker or corporate attorney. Send us your answer sheet and evaluation. If you are desperate email us directly.

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Residential Rental Reality

5 clockhours $40 tuition

Property management in a 5 hour class can cover most of the basics of Landlord tenant law, contracts, rights and fair housing. This is an outstanding overview! If you have a rental, manage rentals, or sell investment property you really should see how much you know by taking this class. If you have legal questions direct them to your broker or corporate attorney. Send us your answer sheet and evaluation. If you are desperate, contact us directly.

Residential Rental Reality 13

What is a Broker

5 clockhours $40 tuition

In July of 2010 there were numerous changes to the real estate license laws.  This class is a good rundown of the changes and how the law affects all real estate agents. It includes the responsibilities of licensees, educational requirements, information on fingerprinting, trust accounts, audits, and landlord tenant law.

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