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7.5 Clock Hour Classes

The Legal Edge  7.5 hours (Updated March 2018) Includes the Core!!!!

The Legal Edge  7.5 clockhours  $50

This is the class on the most current legal issues that we are dealing with in our state.  Get this!  The curriculum includes the Core Curriculum! The course number makes that clear when you get your certificate.

The Legal Edge Includes Core .. click to download


Keep Your License 7.5 hours

Keep Your License 7.5 clockhours $50 tuition

There are so many rules, ethical guidelines, state laws and federal laws that we work under as real estate agents. This class is an interesting look at the different laws and rules.

Keep Your License click to download 15

Listings that Sell 7.5 hours

Listings that Sell 7.5 clockhours $50 tuition

This class covers the basics of listing residential real estate. You will pick up some tips and ideas for getting your listings sold and how to discuss issues with the sellers.

Listings That Sell 15 click to download

The Key to Buyers 7.5 hours

The Key to Buyers 7.5 clockhours $50 tuition

This class covers topics dealing with working with primarily residential real estate buyers.

Key to Buyers 15 click to download

Fair Housing 7.5 hours

Fair Housing 7.5 clockhours $50 tuition

Do you really know the Federal and State Fair Housing laws? This class will make you think about how and why these laws were enacted. We are not “there” yet and these laws and guidelines from showing properties to advertising will help you understand your obligations are under the laws.

Fair Housing 15 click to download


Re-Charge your Real Estate Business

Re-Charge your Real Estate Business  7.5 hours   $50 tuition

Take a look at your business … from your bio to your marketing… Why would a client choose to work with you?  What can you change?  Time to have some kind of plan! Get more business when you are in front of more prospects!  You will get ideas and help charge your business for the coming year!

Re-Charge your Real Estate Business Click to download