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WA Real Estate Fair Housing Class REQUIRED

It is available HERE on the website! and on Zoom

This 6 clockhour Fair Housing class is required for all licensees on their next renewal
I turned the class upside down… and tried to make the class interesting!  It is a serious topic, but some of my examples are outside the box!
NOTE:  There is a June 2023 deadline that is confusing.  It is ONLY for brokers who were supposed to take it but did not take it when they renewed between June 2022 (when it went into effect) until June of 2023 because there weren’t many classes available.  If you renew in the next year…. You need the 6 clockhour class for your 2023-2024 renewal!
It is currently available as correspondence self study class. The class is a PDF with the quiz at the end. You read the material, print out the quiz and evaluation which is at the end, and do with a pen.  When you are done, scan back your answers!  Pay tuition on the link to paypal… which also process your credit cards. The tuition is $47. It is included in the package price for 30 clockhours if you sign up for that.

This is the link to pay tuition for the online class!

Natalie teaches the WA Fair Housing Class on Zoom!  I promise the time will go by quickly!  It is a 6 clockhour class.  There will be limited number of attendees.  You must be on audio and video during the entire class.  I don’t like to teach classes to a empty “room” with no faces or interaction.  Plus, I need to verify you attend. The tuition is $60.  See links below to register and pay for the class.  Then you will get the zoom code.

6 clockhour WA Fair Housing Class on Zoom

Thursday, May 25th 

8 am -11 am

PLUS Homework  

(You must complete the homework

within 24 hours after class to get the 6 clockhours!)

Tuition $60 

Click here to register and pay for the Zoom class on May 25th.