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First Renewal for New Agents


The First 24 Months click to download!

All real estate brokers that are licensed after July 2010 must take 90 clockhours in the first two years to renew.

The classes that are required include

  • 30 hours of electives including 3 hour core curriculum
  • Advanced Real Estate Practices
  • Real Estate Law

The entire package is $399 which is a savings over taking each separately.  You can take the classes and pay in increments… just email us with what works for you and we can accommodate your needs.

Below you will find all the classes you need.  If you do not need all the 30 hours of electives and core .. you can take classes individually.

30 hour Real Estate Advanced Practices class

This class consists of 6 sections that are each 5 hours.  You must read each section and take the quiz.  When you are done with all 6 sections you must take the test.  Attach all paperwork and send or scan and email to us.

If you have questions, just email us… Thanks!      Natalie

Section 1    Click here for PDF     When Are you an Agent 15

Section 2    Click Here for PDF   What is a Home worth click to download

Section 3   Click here for PDF  Earnest Money Escrow Click to download

Section 4    Click here for PDF   Dangerous Dozen click to download 15
Section 5    Click here for PDF  Signing Listing Agreements click to download

Section 6    Click here for PDf  What is a Broker click to download 15

30 hour Advanced Practices Test  Click here:

Advanced Practices Test, Answer Sheet and Evaluation

30 hour Real Estate Law Class

This class consists of 4 sections.  The quizzes are at the end of each section.  There is also a final test.  Scan all the quizzes and test and evaluation to receive clockhours.

WA Real Estate Law Class 2019

RE Law FinaL Test 2019

30 hour Real Estate Electives Classes including Core

You need 27 hours of elective classes plus the core curriculum.  Here is an example of a group of classes that meet this requirement. You can substitute other classes.

Take the Core!  you can take it as a 3 hour class and then take 4 of the 7.5 hour classes.  But, if you take the Legal Edge.. core is embedded in it! Read that again!

Core 2018-2019 Final edited Dec 2017  Just click here!

Take the core class along with 27 other clockhours to renew for your electives.  You can do any combination.  You can take four  7.5 hour classes (see the list below)


take an assortment of classes off the website.  Just add to at least 30 clockhours.

The Legal Edge This includes the Core class!

Choose three more from below.. you have your required hours including the core)  (or choose any other classes.

The Legal Edge Includes Core .. click to download

7,5 hour  Fair Housing 20 click to download

7,5 hour  Listings That Sell 20 click to download

7.5 hour Key to Buyers 20 Click to Download

7.5 hour Keep Your License 23

7.5 hour Re-Charge your Real Estate Business Click to download