The Dept of Licensing evidently approved the 2020-2021 Core Curriculum with a few people involved and didn’t notify any of the schools. I think the class is so incredibly worthless. Survey’s show the Core needs to focus on current issues including legal and legislative ones. I have written a letter to the DOL which is available for you to read. I also have a link so you can read the curriculum dated August 2019 but evidently was updated a month or more later.

The letter I wrote addresses some serious issues with what educators are supposed to teach EVERY BROKER in WA STATE!

More than ONE THIRD of the Core Curriculum is just repeat of the same issues from two to 6 years ago. The largest lawsuit in our industry has been filed affecting most companies and the REALTOR association and it is not included. Copyright information is in the Core without any discussion of its use. The Core includes profiling the buying and renting decisions made by people in a protected class (LGB) which could violate Fair Housing. Federal anti trust laws are violated when brokers discuss commission and boycotting which is happening since the NWMLS changed selling office commission disclosure. Not all brokers are members of the REALTOR association and the Core uses their videos to promote the membership. The Core also promotes the REALTOR Political Action Committee which, I think, is an inappropriate thing to do in a government dictated class.

If you agree or have any concerns about the curriculum for the CORE, send me a note or email the DOL management. The emails are on the letter attached. I am out there putting my name on the line for brokers in our state. Thanks, Natalie

This is the link to the proposed Core Curriculum.