WA Real Estate Fair Housing Class REQUIRED

It is available HERE on the website! and on Zoom

This 6 clockhour Fair Housing class is required for all licensees on their next renewal
I turned the class upside down… and tried to make the class interesting!  It is a serious topic, but some of my examples are outside the box!
It is currently available as correspondence self study class. The class is a PDF with the quiz at the end. You read the material, print out the quiz and evaluation which is at the end, and do with a pen.  When you are done, scan back your answers!  Pay tuition on the link to paypal… which also process your credit cards. The tuition is $47. It is included in the package price for 30 clockhours if you sign up for that.

This is the link to pay tuition for the online class!

Natalie teaches the WA Fair Housing Class on Zoom!  There isn’t one scheduled right now.  She will probably hold a class before the end of the year.


You will take a 3 clockhour Fair Housing class for the NEXT renewal!  Natalie is working on writing it.  It will continue every two years just like the 3 hour core curriculum.