couple at computer There are so many excuses for not being active on social media websites.  But, there is ONE reason that every real estate agent needs to embrace social media. That one reason is to build business!  One third of an agents time must be spent marketing.  The most powerful tool we have ever had in this industry is that computer screen in front of you.  I can hear the groans from agents because of the time commitment, the lack of knowledge about different programs, and the assumption that “their” clients are not online.

I still can’t program my microwave and I don’t know how many cable channels I can really watch.  There is no way to know everything. But, you can choose a strategy that works for you.

First, make sure you have a profile on every strategic site… your company, zillow, realtor, google.

Second.  Make sure you can be found. Google yourself and find your email and website as if you were a client.

3.  Start a account.  Upload a decent photo, fill in information about yourself and post daily… just post something.  Build your friends list.

4.  Have a profile with your bio and contact information. Build your connections.

5.  Start a blog for free.  Use, or Make the blog simple and interesting… can be about real estate but has to be something a recent client or a family member would enjoy.

Take one of Natalie’s classes and get INSPIRED!  She will pump you with a ton of ideas and fill you with enthusiasm!