What is one way to make Facebook more effective for you as an agent?  Make LISTS!

There are pictures of cats, lots of click bait, and crazy comments on the world…. BUT!  Facebook is connecting millions of people every day.  Your friends on Facebook include past clients, current connections and prospective clients for your real estate business.  Their posts get lost with all the others.

So, it is time to make lists!  If you have a list you can post to only that list or more importantly, you can see what the people on only that list are all posting! I have many lists on my Facebook account.  No one knows they are in a list unless that list was created by Facebook…. including the family list and the lists that were automatically generated with my high school and companies I worked for.

I created lists that help me see beyond the junk that is posted.  For example, I have a list that includes only three people… my kids. I see if they have posted anything… because it is one way to stay connected with them. I have a list with hundreds of real estate agents and another of my artist friends.

There are several ways to make a list. sometimes, the mobile devices make it harder or impossible.

1. When you friend someone immediately click on their profile.  At the top where it says friends with a checkmark click the drop down menu. At the bottom it says “New List.”

2.  when you click on “Friends” on the left side of your screen, you get your lists and at the top it says “create new list.”

3.  You can click where it says “See all Friends” and there is a drop down menu next to each under the word friends.  Here you can add them to a list or create a new one.

Now.. what do to with lists! Click on the list of your past clients and see what they are posting.  You might read information that could include:

          • I just became a Grandma!
          • Caught a huge fish!
          • Working in the Garden.
          • Love to Barbeque!

Then head to the store… and send them some baby booties, a jar of spices, baby booties, or some bbq sauce! and put in the mail!  You could send a card of congratulations.  You could click “like” when they post and make a comment.  It starts a conversation and keeps your name in front of them.

Go make lists and see what people in that list are up to!