Some of you are thinking…”Could it possibly get worse in our industry?”  No matter what is happening around you there is humor!  If you can’t find some … then come to my comedy shows!

“I made the joyous discovery that ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give me at least two hours of pain-free sleep,” Norman Cousins reported when fighting arthritis and in his book Anatomy of an Illness.  He believed that humor and belly laughter could actually help alleviate pain.

Many agents are in pain… whether it is dealing with money struggles, job losses in the family, or clients that are going into foreclosure.  Sometimes it is hard to get out of bed for many agents.

So Laugh…  find humor in every day miracles.  Remember some of the funny things that have happened to you as an agent.  Watch humor on television… forget CNN and Fox news…Find joy in every day!  We only have today.  Count your blessings.  What is good.. are you healthy?  Are your kids happy?  Is the car running?  Can you cook a good dinner?  How is that power saw running?

Last weekend I pressure washed … all day.  It was addicting!  Have you ever used a pressure washer?  If not.. go rent one today!  Not only will you get good exercise, but you will feel like you have accomplished something.. And you will laugh.. if you let yourself.. gads.. I would hit the gutters with the water… and splash.. right back in my face.. It was better than any water park!  My nose was running.. I was dripping wet… but it was like being in the old west with a gun getting rid of “grime” as I marched around the house looking for something else to “clean!”

And that “stimulus package….”  oh my gosh.. say those words out loud… Seriously… I want to hear you say them.. That has to make you laugh… (shhh.. but doesn’t it sound… well.. sexual?)  I want some of that stimulus!

Wrinkle cream… the other day I got a small sample of some new formula. I put some on my crows feet.  The next day I noticed all those wrinkles on my neck so I dabbed some there.  In a matter of minutes I had used the entire jar… there are wrinkles all over me… I think my skin is falling off.. gravity has got a hold of it!

I try to laugh every single day!  Natalie Danielson