Everyone is talking about blogging.  But, really… do you have to start a blog?  Will it add to your bottom line? Will anyone read it? Why blog?

If you were with a group of prospects chatting over coffee… or a beer… what would you be talking about?  If you call a past client, what would you ask them on the phone?  If you tell an old friend that you are in the real estate business, do they just want to feel sorry for you?  Is real estate the topic of choice these days?

Your real estate business will come primarily from your sphere.  And if you are not in contact with them, they will forget you… or forget that you are in the business of real estate.  We seldom go to friends homes for dinner these days.  Meetings are replaced by conference calls and emails.  So, it is important to connect with others on a regular basis.

Ergo (I love that word.  My Geometry teacher in high school was a little arrogant and he used to say it in every class. It was the only time I ever heard the word. Now I like to use it!)…. Ergo, the blog.  Blogging is a powerful way to get your name in front of a large number of your prospects for FREE.  Blogging Basics Handout click here for pdf

Or, better yet, read the ebook/ pdf, take the quiz, and get it back to us by mail or email and get 3 clockhours!  Save $10 by paying on the front of this site on the payment link!    Blogging Basics 3 hour class … Click to download pdf


Yes, you can blog for free.  If you are not “techie” then choose to blog on www.Blogspot.com (also known as Blogger.. same thing.)  It is a Google platform and is very easy to use. You can have a blog going in less than 20 minutes.

Or, you can start a blog on www.wordpress.com.  Later, when you are really into blogging you can get a techie to take your blog and customize more for you. But, start FREE!

First, think of a name.  Find something that is catchy and memorable. People won’t have to memorize  it because YOU will send them the link.  But, make it interesting.  You start the blog with the name which will end up something like… www.NameYouChoose.wordpress.com … or www.NameYouChoose.blogspot.com.  The next step is to choose a free template.  Just pick something simple. It can be changed anytime.

Do NOT pay for a blogging platform or for a blog written by someone else!  Don’t pull out that credit card.. Go free!

Then enter your first post!  Choose to blog about something you are passionate about. In my last blogging class ideas included: snowboarding in Europe, my twin sister RE agent, Sailing to Mexico, hiking mountains, hospice adventures, fly fishing, movie reviews, history of my town, and many more. Here is a list of blogging ideas in a pdf.  Blogging Ideas click here for pdf

You just write about something you know.  You can take photos. You can do short videos.  You can have links.

You then add a link to your blog on every profile, on your company website, and on every email.  You post a link on facebook every time you write a post.

Then send me a link and I’ll add it to my RSS feeder… “Google Reader.  Do you know what that is?  Natalie