Learn to Edit and Effectively use Video!

You have one of the most powerful cameras ever invented in your pocket.  Use it to add to your marketing strategy!  Don’t delay.  Yes, it seems like everyone is getting on the bandwagon, but even so, it is time for you to shoot video and… most importantly… EDIT your video right on your phone!

There are a number of ways you can use video.  You can make interesting listing videos, record information for buyers, have a weekly blog, or even make some humorous videos to get attention!  Think outside the box.

Create a visual “STORY” with your videos.  Any idiot, even someone with nice cameras that requires a chunk of money to shot photos of your listing, can make videos.  But, it is the videos that tell a story that capture the attention of your audience.

The story can be simple.  Here is the difference between a blah video and one with a story

You have 8 photos of your new listing, a condo, that is perfect for a first time buyer.  You hire someone to take those great photos and you post them.  OR … You take a photo of the front of the building, one of the front door, a short video of the kitchen, a short video of the living room, and a photo of the back view.  You  put them into iMovie or Quik on your phone.  You record a voice over…. “Imagine the feeling you will have when you leave your dingy apartment and then walk into a condominium that is your very own! The paint, carpet and drapes you chose.  Can you see yourself watching tv in the living room and cooking a gourmet meal in the kitchen?  Imagine the sunlight hitting your face from the south facing view on your own deck.  This could be your first home.”

That has much more impact on the viewer.  It creates a story.  It is beyond a bunch of photos to elicit feelings of “Home.”

Pull that cell phone out of your pocket and start shooting video!  The hottest thing on social media is video… and YOU have the ability to shoot and edit clips!  Have fun looking at other agent’s videos, find out what you might need to edit a short video, see how videos can help boost your business!!!!

Come to one of Natalie’s classes on Video!

Lights Camera Action!  They let me use the conference room.This class we learn how you can be effective using video, learn ways to use video for work, and see videos that agents have recorded to get ideas of what you can do.  Learn the tools and the apps to use!

Just Press Record! This class we actually MAKE and EDIT videos in the class.  Have Quik installed on your phones. (iPhones also install iMovie!)

Creative Listing Videos  No more boring photos stitched together … that can be as exciting as an old homes magazine.  Tell a story!  Make a video in minutes with a few photos and some short video clips.. Voila… do a voice over and you have a fun video!

These are a fun classes to schedule for your office.. or even a group of your real estate friends!  email Natalie at her work email…. clockhours at gmail .com for more info or to RSVP.