Why Become a Managing Broker?

There are two real estate licenses in Washington State.  The real estate Broker license is what a person receives after taking the pre-license classes and the Broker exam.  Most real estate agents work under a Broker’s license for their career… whether it be for a year or for decades.

The Managing Brokers license shows that the Broker has a higher knowledge base.  The requirements include;  having 3 years experience, taking 3 classes that are each 30 clockhours, and a Managing Broker’s exam.

So, why take the classes and sit through a test?  There are a number of reasons.

You might want to take your business to another level and work in some aspect of management.  You might want to oversee a new real estate broker, manage a team of brokers, or be assigned a branch manager position by a Designated Broker.

You might want to open your own office.  It could be one where you recruit a number of agents or work as a solely independent broker.  Having a Managing Brokers license gives you that opportunity.  You may want to open a new office with a different set of benefits for real estate brokers. Think about how you may want to slow down and work out of your home after a decade, for example.  You could work your own business under your own shingle.

You may want to have that title on your business cards to show your prospects that you do have a higher degree of knowledge.  You don’t automatically have any higher degree of liability, but you can explain to your prospects that you are qualified to own or run or manage other brokers including your competition.

You will learn and get to know the laws and rules and ethical issues that arise in an office.  You will probably be able to use the material you learn in the classes to just be a better broker!

The classes her on my website will get you prepared for the Brokerage Management exam.  Just Click… they are pdf.  Read the material.  Answer the quizzes and the Final Exam in the workbook.  Scan back.  My classes include all the topic areas on the test outline.

Email me and I will put you on my list of agents taking the classes and so I can follow up with you!  Note… less that 40% or so of those that take the test pass it!  So chat with me!  It is not your experience or knowledge… honestly.. my opinion… the test “sucks.”  Take the practice test before you take any classes…. so you will know how to study!  Click on Managing Brokers page here for more info~

The Dept of Licensing is going to have a new Managing Brokers exam in 2020.  There is no information available at this time.. .but Natalie is following it closely!  She spoke loudly at the December DOL meeting about the lack of materials for brokers to prepare for the tests!

If you have any questions… … just email me …   Thanks, Natalie