Sometimes we just sit at our desk or in a coffee shop and hope that the phone will ring or an email will arrive from a prospective client that wants to list a property with you!  But, it just doesn’t happen that often… even in a rising market.  We have to boost our own business.. It is important to keep your name out there in front of prospects and friends so that when they need a real estate agent.. you are the first they consider!  Here are ten ideas to do this week!

1. Make a good list on Facebook.. learn how to make a list.  Chose prospects, past clients, or those you are currently working with.  Then you can check daily what they post on facebook.  Their posts won’t get lost amid all the others in your newsfeed because you can check just that list!

2. go to LinkedIn and rewrite your summary/bio.  Make it interesting.  Put your contact information in the summary.  Link to those that have requested to be lined to you!

3. Take 20 photos in a neighborhood where you like to sell real estate.  Put them in an album on Facebook.  Upload them on your website.

4. Create a free blog on WordPress or blogspot.. take my correspondence 3 hour class on blogging… write about the number of agents in your town verses the number of houses for sale.

5. Get three small priority mail boxes and send something to 3 clients or send them a book from Amazon.  Total will cost you less than $20-$30!

6.take photos of front doors this week and post on Facebook or blog.

7. write down ten things a seller needs to know before listing a house and start blogging about it or write a small book on Blurb.  Minimum order.. 1 book for less than $8.

8. Have a workshop called “The Smart Way to buyer your First Home.”  Schedule at the local library.  Send a postcard to 200 NON owner occupied homes in the area.  Do this 4 times in a row.  You can’t promote your company but you can provide valuable information.

9. Send out an email to your mailing list.  Write something about how to determine value or how to get prequalified… or about your last hike, recipe, art project, or vacation.

10. have a contest. Sent out an email to a list of people and see who can guess the answer,

There are ten ideas to get you going…. How many will you actually complete?  Let me know.. if you do all ten… I’ll give you a free clockhour class!  And.. you will boost your business!