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Recommended Reading

The Power of WHO! by Bob Beaudine

is a “must read” book on relationships!

The answer to our question is right in front of us.  We always seem to be looking elsewhere or hoping for a get rich quick scheme to get us what we really want in life.  Most of us give up and never pursue what we really want.  Bob Beaudine in his book, The Power of Who!, reminds us that those people that we surround ourselves with … our network… can be the key to getting where we want to be.  He gives us permission to look at the power in the relationships that we currently have in our lives.  Every real estate agent should have this book on his/her desk.  I ordered his book on Amazon right away. Reaching out to complete strangers with print and internet advertising is like trying to catch a hummingbird with your eyes closed.  All your future business is within your own grasp.  Grab onto your contacts and build relationships.  Your relationships will link you to some of your best connections.

Right along with the message in the book, I was connected with the author on a website called  Both of us are past employees of Carnation Company linking us.  When his book was published I received an email from him because of that link.  I was intrigued because I know that real estate agents dream of buying “good” leads that will build their business but I know that it is all hype.   I teach that lead generation has to come from an agent’s own database.   The Power of WHO reinforces the idea that our relationships are there for a reason.  As the Director of a real estate school specializing in continuing education, I am constantly told to buy lists of real estate agents and send out spam emails looking for more business.  What I know is that I need to work on the relationships I currently have.  Each agent that purchases or attends a class under my school, knows dozens of other agents.  They are all the link to my future business.  Just as all your friends, family and past clients are the link to all your future business as a real estate agent.

To add to the connection, Bob Beaudine is an executive recruiter in the sports industry.  My son, also on,  is the Director of Ticket Sales for Seattle University.  Maybe someday their paths will cross as his career screams forward!  Order The Power of WHO and get a boost for your business!  Remember, at least 20% of your clients need you!

What Would Google Do?

I haven’t read this book… yet!  It was available the last week of January 2009 and I have it in my shopping cart on Amazon.  I listened to a talk from the author on his website or on YouTube the other day.  Google has changed our lives… I am in awe.  I will update you after I read the book!  Have you read it yet?

Are you remarkable?

Read Seth Godin’s book, The Purple Cow

Seth Godin is a marketing genius. I had just finished his book, The Purple Cow, when I sat in my sons marketing class at Marquette University. I wanted to stand up and give his professor this book and say, “Hey, read about marketing in TODAY’s world.” The Purple Cow is a small book that covers ideas about how to be remarkable in today’s world. My son is stuydying communication and does leadership training and inspirational speakering to teenagers with FocusTraining part time in college.

All Marketeers are Liars was also interesting about the stories told in marketing. What story are you telling?

Small is the New Big is Seth’s newest work. It is a collection of his blogs by alphabetical order. I could only read a handful of pages at a time because I found myself drifting off thinking about how I can learn from the topic, how I could put it to use, or how I see it happening in the world today. There were many topics that flew right over my head… and, of course, I asked my daughter to explain some of the internet ideas and subjects as she is a quasi computer geek majoring in French and considering a minor in internet resources.

Pick up one of Seth’s books and get an idea that might jetison your business!

Jeffrey Gitomer knows how to Sell

Now is the time to go get one of Jeffrey Gitomer’s books… His Little Red Book of Selling has been out for several years. Why do people buy? Why do they buy from you? What message is on your voice mail? When are you selling? You will no doubt get right up from your chair and do something different with your business while you are reading one of his books.