Take Classes Barefoot Using ZOOM Online

Last year I got classes approved using zoom technology! You just need a computer with a video and microphone. That is it! I send you or you click on the link in an email and VOILA! You will see my smiling face (or the face of many of my instructors! You need nothing special to do it.

Yes, you can connect using your phone, tablet or computer. If you have questions email me at my GMAIL!

Classes scheduled so far on ZOOM! I have a number of classes I am teaching for real estate offices. And… sometimes brokers get together and I do a class especially for them. You can do that also!

Boost Your Business “The present now will later be past!” “The times, they are a changin'” Let’s rustle up ideas to make better connections and build your sphere. I added 100 names to my sphere the other day! 3 clockhours Wednesday, April 15th 9 am til 12 noon $20 Join Zoom meeting

Core Curriculum Current Issues 20-21 3 clockhours The core is required but it is NOT required to be boring! Monday, April 20th from 1pm til 4pm ONLY $20 Join Zoom Meeting

Instructor Development Workshop 15 clockhours Tuesday, April 21 AND Tuesday, April 28 9am -1:30pm on Zoom. See the post below

Agent Survival Tuesday, April 29th from 9am til 12 noon 3 clockhours Special ONLY $20! on Zoom. This is not a vacation! We need to keep moving forward! Lets chat about how to keep and build our business!

Pay during class on my website! Register or question contact Natalie at clockhours at gmail NOT NOT the admin email!