Take Classes Barefoot Using ZOOM Online

You just need a computer with a video and microphone or a cell phone to join a ZOOM class . That is it! You click on the link in an email I send you and VOILA! You will see my smiling face You need nothing special to do take a zoom class! If you have questions email me at my GMAIL.

Classes scheduled this week on ZOOM! I have a number of classes I am teaching for real estate offices. And… sometimes brokers get together and I do a class especially for them. You can do that also!

Using Creativity to Connect It is time to break out of that routine and try something new to connect with prospects. That box can get uncomfortable! Learn some great ideas that you can use in the month of June! Wednesday, May 27th from 9am to 12 noon for 3 clockhours. Tuition ONLY $20! Pay during class with a card.

Core Curriculum Current Issues 20-21 3 clockhours The Core Class IS required but it is NOT required to be boring! What are the hottest issues in the state? How is Covid affecting your business now and in the future? Thursday, May 28th from 9 am to 12 noon for 3 clockhours. Tuition only $20 .. pay during class with a card.

Are you a Secret Agent? There is no shortage of real estate agents! We need to make sure that we are not “Secret Agents?” Can your prospects find you? What do your prospects know about you before they contact you? How will they evaluate you against the competition? How can you stand out in the crowd? Friday, May 29th from 9am-12noon for 3 clockhours. Tuition ONLY $20… pay during class with a card.

Instructor Development Workshop 15 clockhours Tuesday, June 2nd AND Wednesday, June 3rd from 9am -1:30pm on Zoom. See the post below

Pay during class on my website! Register by contact ing Natalie at the email… clockhours at gmail dot com avoiding spam…NOT NOT the admin email!