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Natalie rallies for better 2020 Core Curriculum!

The Core Curriculum has been updated for 2020-2021! The Core morphs into an new version every two years. It is updated usually by a committee.

It still has so much material repeated from the last class. There are no new laws or lawsuits that affect our business, which is what we all really want to hear about. But, this is what the Dept of Licensing passed as the curriculum. Natalie wrote letters, made calls and even stood up and rallied the staff at the DOL and the real estate commission at the quarterly meeting to “fix the core that was presented!” That happened! So, though Natalie would have included other current issues, this class that 40,000 licensees are required to take, was updated and changed because Natalie’s voice was heard!

The largest lawsuit in history against the REALTOR Association and most of the major firms is not included in the Core Class. The few commissioners that worked on the core wanted to avoid bringing it up. The REALTORS call the lawsuit “baseless.”

You need to take the Core Curriculum every two years prior to renewing your license. You take whatever core class is available as the old version just morphs into the new version. You have two years to take the Core class.

Here is the Core Curriculum. It is 3 clockhours.

There is also a 7.5 hour version the Legal Edge that includes the core.

Most broker owners in Washington State belong to the Northwest MLS. They voted to amend the rules and forms in an effort to create more transparency in the real estate transaction in particularly for disclosing the amount of commission the seller is offering to pay the FIRM for the buyer’s agent. Traditionally, the seller pays the commission to the Listing agent’s firm and that firm shares it with the firm that sells the property to a buyer.

In some cases, the seller may not offer to pay a buyer’s agent’s firms commission leaving that negotiation between the buyer and their agent.

A video I produced is available on YouTube at:

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Lender is Wearing Orange Jumpsuit

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Seattle Architectural Walking Tour is Clockhours!

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