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How often do you really “Look UP” in Seattle?  We are always trying to make sure we are going the right way on a one way street, looking for parking, and avoiding pedestrians!  Here is your chance to take a walking tour of the city and learn about the history and design of some of the most notable buildings in Seattle.  Catch a birds eye view of the city from the highest Starbucks in the U.S., visit the Mayors office, explore the red floor in the library and get a great photo of the Walrus on the Arctic Building.  From Art Deco to Modern design, you will get a sense of history and how it affected the skyline of our city.  Natalie is an award winning tour guide and has led this tour for the past 7 years to people from all over the world!

The tours usually start at 11am in front of the 5th Ave Theatre. Tuition is $30 for all adults.. kids half price.  I donate much of it to the foundation.

The next tours will start in April 2017!

Questions… email clockhours at